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Al Weiss

Al Weiss – The Human Chart Encyclopedia

Al Weiss is a commodity trader who exclusively uses charting techniques. He is profiled in Jack Schwager’s book The New Market Wizards, where his chapter is called The Human Chart Encyclopedia.

Stockopedia - Risks and Styles

Stockopedia – Risk and Styles

Today’s post is about a Stockopedia webinar that I – and around 500 other people – attended last week. It was about risk, volatility, and how the component Stock Ranks can be combined to form Stock Styles.

Gary Bielfeldt

Gary Bielfeldt – T-Bonds in Peoria

Today’s post is a profile of Guru investor Gary Bielfeldt, who appears in Jack Schwager’s book Market Wizards. His chapter is called “Yes, they do trade T-bonds in Peoria”.

Tech stocks

Tech Stocks – UK or US?

Today’s post is about tech stocks. Do we need to cross the Atlantic to put together a portfolio, or are there attractive candidates here in the UK?


Sectors – Bottom Up

Today’s post is about sectors. In the absence of much top-down information, we’re going to look at sectors from the bottom up.