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Smart Beta

Smart Beta – Assets or Alpha?

Today’s post is a look at how Smart Beta – as applied by the asset management industry – is not exploiting the outperformance of factor investing to the benefit of investors.

Sell in May

Sell in May – yes, no or something else?

Today we’re going to look at that old investment adage, Sell in May, with particular reference to this year’s circumstances. Sell in May The whole saying is: Sell in May...

Short Trackers

Do Short Trackers Work As Hedges?

Today we’re going to look at Short Trackers (Inverse ETFs) as portfolio hedges. Does their daily rebalancing mean that they drift off course?

Active vs Passive

Active vs Passive – Indexing

Today we’re going to look at the Active vs Passive investing debate, and the wider implications of index funds. We’ll also touch on diversification.

Stop Losses

Stop Losses

Do Stop Losses really work? We look at the evidence and come up with some rules for using them.