Election A to Z — Q is for Quotes


Here the best quotes we have found from the election campaign so far. Let us know if you hear of any others.


There will be an unholy alliance between the Labour Party and the SNP – George Osborne

This buccaneering, world-beating, can-do country, we can do it all over again – David Cameron

There’s not just a tiger, there’s a couple of elephants, a lion and a yeti in the tank – David Cameron on his appetite for the fight

Ed Balls saying this is some kind of joke is, I think, frankly one of the most appalling things I have heard in this election campaign so far – David Cameron on Liam Byrne’s “no money left” note from 2010

Salmond: definitely chaos. Miliband: leader of chaos. Farage: potential contributor to chaos and Clegg, could go either way, but chaos too – David Cameron warns against voting for his rivals


It is like a tsunami—there’s nothing you can do about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best swimmer in the world – Scottish Labour MP on his chances of survival

I’m set to Defcon fucked. I’m expecting to leave and never come back – another Scottish Labour MP

It’s like the last days of Rome. Without sex. Or wine. In fact, with none of the fun bits – yet another Scottish Labour MP

Anything could happen. I could be caught with my pants down behind a goat with Ed Miliband at the other end – Clive Lewis, Labour candidate for Norwich South

His face is a bit like an onion – layer upon layer of confusion and awkwardness. And if you stare at it too long, it makes you cry – Jonno Turner, a Labour supporter who has put the Labour leader’s face on his mother’s family photographs

If I ever met Ed Miliband I could die happy – a #milifandom tweeter

The best-case scenario is that Brand was hosting some sort of depraved sex party. – a Guardian writer after Milliband was spotted leaving comedian Russell Brand’s home; in fact Milliband was being interviewed by Brand

Liberal Democrats

I will bring a heart to a Conservative government and a brain to a Labour one – Nick Clegg

This is Punch-and-Judy politics dressed up as patriotism from a Tory campaign stuck on repeat Lib Dem spokesman on Tory plans for ‘English Votes for English Laws’

You are either serious or a kind of Victor Meldrew on stilts. Which one are you? – Nick Clegg on Nigel Farage

It’s a perilous thing to pretend you’re a fan of a sport when you’re not. – Nick Clegg on being asked if he was a cricket fan, soon after Cameron appeared to say he was a West Ham fan, after previously claiming to support the similarly-kitted Aston Villa


I am a big fan of NHS nurses. I even married one once – Nigel Farage

Well firstly there was one fully black person. There was another one of our leading spokesman who is half black and that didn’t get a mention. Our spokesman who is half-black… he features very prominently on Page 6 – Nigel Farage on Ukip’s manifesto

London benefits vastly from being a cosmopolitan city, and that is largely due to the fact we have immigration; that enriches and makes London a stronger, more diverse, more lively city – UKIP housing spokesman

Green Party

He’ll fire all your docs and nurses / He’ll clamp down on public service / He sold the railways to companies / And we all agree on tuition fees! – David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage and Ed Miliband as a boy band in a Green Party election broadcast

” “ – Natalie Bennett; she lost her voice after “too many conversations with voters”


I wouldn’t trust that Nicola Sturgeon, she’s got very thin lips – participant in Lord Ashcroft focus group

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Election A to Z — Q is for Quotes

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