Books of the year 2014

Just in time for Xmas, here is my list of the best finance books of the year.1

All of the links below are affiliate links, so if you do buy through them, I will receive a small referral commission.

How to speak money

A funny explanation of financial terminology and a suitable gift for a wider audience.

The shifts and the shocks

Comprehensive British review of the crisis. Not always an easy read.

Falling short

US take on the looming pensions crisis, with serious implications for this side of the pond.

Flash boys

Michael Lewis’s take on high frequency trading. I’m not convinced that the impact on buy-and-hold types like myself is too significant, but worth a read.

The forgotten depression

Well I certainly hadn’t heard about it – had you? Big contrast to the response to the 1930s depression.


I don’t agree with Piketty’s conclusion, or all of his data, but I want to be part of the conversation.

Millennial Money

Much as I hate the term ‘Millenial’ for the young of today, I do want to engage them with investing before it’s too late. Here’s an American take on what they should do from the son of a famous father.

  1. I can’t claim to have read every page of every book here – please look at this as a list of recommendations that I think should be more widely read. I hope to start more detailed regular reviews in 2015. []

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