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I look at my net worth in the round, rather than singling out stocks.

I have about 40% in Property

I have about 15% in Cash – for three reasons

  1. It’s partly because I’m quite cautious at the moment about market levels and the economic outlook
  2. Partly because I don’t like the look of bonds, so I’d rather keep more cash
  3. And partly because I am now of retirement age and don’t have an income any longer – so I like to keep several years of expenses in cash, so that I don’t have to sell stocks in a downturn (this could be a legacy of my experience in 1987)

I also have about 7% in Defined Benefits pensions  – I wish this was higher because they were a great product when they were on offer

So that leaves about 38% of my net worth actually in the markets

Of that, about 50% is in the UK and 50% abroad (US, Europe, Japan, APAC, and emerging markets)

Outside of the UK I buy only funds (ETFs, OIECs and investment trusts)

For the UK, I mostly buy stocks, but I have some legacy funds that I haven’t sold yet

Most of the stocks are FTSE-350, but in the last year or so I’ve started an AIM portfolio, mostly because of the great info that’s available on websites and on Twitter.

That’s gone really well so far – considering how little time I’ve put into it – and it’s an area I plan to get more involved in.

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