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The small print:

  • This blog is educational and should not be regarded as investment advice. The information on the blog is not specific to any particular investor’s personal circumstances and is not intended to direct the reader towards any specific investment.
  • Before making any investment you should make your own personal assessment of the risks involved, bearing in mind local taxation and laws, and not relying exclusively on the information in this blog. You may also wish to consult your own independent professional investment advisors.
  • The content of the blog is the work of Mike Rawson, the nom-de-plume of an individual private investor living in London. Mike is not associated with any financial organisation and his views are not those of any financial organisation mentioned in the blog.
  • The views expressed in the blog are Mike’s views at the time of publication. They are liable to change without notice, and Mike is under no obligation to update old posts as soon as his views change.
  • The information and views expressed in the blog are based on sources that Mike believes to be reliable but Mike makes no representation and makes no warranty regarding the accuracy of any information.
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