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7 Circles Bookshop

This page is a work-in-progress, but will eventually include links to all the crucial investment books that I have read.

Amazon recently changed their API at short notice.

  • The author of the plugin I have been using to link to Amazon for the past five years has decided not to re-rewrite the plugin to use the new API.

So overnight, all my links disappeared.

  • I now have to replace each one manually, and there are several hundred links.

This will take a while – I’ve added it to my coronavirus lockdown tasklist.

In the meantime, take a look around.

  • More links will be added here each week.
Mike’s books

I’ve published two books to date, but there are lots more in the pipeline.

This book is intended to summarise the key findings of behavioural psychology, and to turn them into useful lessons for a Private Investor in the UK today. There are five sections:

  1. A potted history of why people are poorly suited to investment.
  2. The main biases that investors exhibit – arranged into groups in so far as this is possible.
  3. The key issues in investment which behavioural psychology can speak to.
  4. Practical steps that an investor can take to avoid being tripped up by their greatest enemy (themselves).
  5. Lists of the psychological experiments and observations of human behaviour that reveal the biases, of the biases themselves, and a final checklist of what to do about them – and what not to do.

Decumulation is just as important to investors as accumulation. But because asset managers and investment platforms haven’t yet worked out how to monetise it properly, you don’t see as much written about it.

I find this strange because spending money in retirement is actually much harder. This book aims to make things a lot easier. There are nine sections:

  1. How money works
  2. How much is enough?
  3. The changing pensions landscape
  4. The State Pension
  5. Company pensions
  6. DC pensions
  7. Withdrawal rates
  8. Case studies
  9. Retiring abroad