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If you want to support 7 Circles and help it to continue, this is the page for you.

This website is paid for out of Mike’s time and money. It takes a lot of time to maintain the site and write the posts, and hosting isn’t free.

  • We don’t get funded by any financial firms to plug or review their products and services.
  • Where we get something for free we will say so.

There are currently eight ways in which you can help us:

  1. The easiest way to support us is to tell your friends about us. If you like any of the articles, please post links to them to your favourite social media sites. There are buttons in every post and in the right-hand sidebar. Those sites listed below are particularly welcome:
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • Reddit
    • Linked In
    • Facebook
  2. Please also sign up for our weekly newsletter.
    • There are many ways to do this scattered throughout the site.
    • Please forward the newsletter to your friends.
    • You can also sign up to follow the blog on Feedly and Bloglovin – the buttons are in the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Please follow us on:
    • Twitter
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    • Google +
    • There are buttons at the top of the left-hand sidebar (in the blue header) and also in the right-hand sidebar.
    • You can get a flavour of our Twitter feed from the window in the left-hand sidebar.
    • You can also follow the blog on Feedly or Bloglovin’. There are subscription buttons in the left-hand sidebar.
  4. We also have two sub-reddits called UKFinanceOver30 and UK_FIRE_and_Frugal.
    • It would be great if you went over there and read the articles.
    • It would be even greater if you signed up to reddit and subscribed to our sub-reddits.
    • It would be the greatest if you started to comment on the articles, and to submit some of your own.
  5. There are ads on the site:
    • Usually these are from Google, and there will be 3 ads per page
      • One in the body of the post
      • One in the left-hand sidebar
      • One in the right-hand sidebar
    • Which Google ads you see depends as much on your personal browsing history as it does on the content of the page you are viewing.
    • We get paid a few pence whenever someone clicks on a Google ad.
      • We don’t get paid for purchases.
      • We are not allowed to encourage you to click on the ads.
    • Sometimes one or more of the Google ads will be replaced  by an affiliate ad from a financial firm such as Hargreaves Lansdown
      • With these ads we aren’t paid per click, but only when you go through to the HL site and download information, use a calculator or open an account.
    • If you use an ad-blocker, please consider adding to your whitelist of friendly sites.
  6. We use Amazon affiliate links for books.
    • This costs you nothing but pays us a small commission when you buy something after clicking on one of our links.
    • Most of the links are within the posts discussing the books, but we also put together an annual list.
    • Here are the book lists for 2014 and 2015.
  7. Your donations are welcome.
    • Please use the button below to buy Mike a beer via PayPal.
    • You can also find the button in the right hand sidebar.
    • Warning: Mike lives in London, and the beer is not cheap there.
  8. You can also support us on Patreon.
    • Patreon is a crowd-funding site similar to KickStarter, but more suitable for supporting ongoing content creation, as with a web-site.
    • You can support us with a $1, $3 or $5 monthly contribution (yes, it’s a US site).
    • In return you will receive:
      • a credit on our Supporters page ($1 – if you want one),
      • access to a Patreon-only category of posts ($3) and
      • the ability to submit ideas for posts in the Patreon category ($5).
    • You can sign up to support us here.

Thanks in advance.

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