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Open Banking

Robo Advisors 13 – Open Banking

Today’s post is a little off-centre for our Robo Advisors series. We’re going to take a look at the Open Banking initiative, and what it means for FinTech and for investors.

Have people stopped saving

Have people stopped saving?

Today’s post is a summary of what I said on one of the panels at last week’s Show Me The Money blogger awards, better known as the SHOMOs. The question we were discussing was "Have people stopped saving?"

Cash from Selling a Flat

Cash from Selling a Flat

Today’s post is about what to do with the cash from selling a flat. Are the proceeds protected, and where is the best place to put them?

Hoarding cash

Hoarding Cash at Home

Today’s post is about hoarding cash at home as protection against negative interest rates. Is it really a practical option?