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Ethical investing

Ethical Investing – Part 1

Today’s post is another guest post from Trader Tim. Tim has his own blog here, and you can also find him on Twitter here.  The views expressed in the article below are...

Weekly Roundup, 19th July 2016

Weekly Roundup, 19th July 2016

We begin today’s Weekly Roundup in the FT, with the Chart That Tells A Story. This week it was about entrepreneurship, particularly in the over-50s.

is economics any use

Is Economics any use?

Today we revisit our basic economics lesson from a couple of weeks ago, to see if the principles we introduced remain true, and if any of them are useful today. Is economics any use?


Are hobbies frugal?

In today’s post, we’re going to look at how hobbies fit with frugality. Are hobbies frugal, and if not, should you have them anyway?