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Non Habitual Residence in Portugal

Moving to Portugal 3

Today’s post is the third in a series on moving to Portugal. Last week I went to a re-run of the event I visited back in March, organised by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

Retirement Goals

Retirement Goals

Today’s post looks at three recent publications on the topic of retirement goals.

Science of Retirement Conference 2018

SORC 18 Part 4 – Improving Retirement Income

Today’s post is our fourth visit to the the Science of Retirement Conference 2018, which was held in London this spring. This time we’ll be looking at Improving Retirement Income.

Safe Withdrawal Rates

Safe Withdrawal Rates – ERN #9 (Extras)

Today’s post is a look at two extra articles that have appeared since I started looking at ERN’s mammoth series of posts on Safe Withdrawal Rates.