Stock Screeners

Stock Screeners

This is the master page for our articles on stock screeners.

  • It contains links to the articles on each of the screens, and also links to the monthly screen output pages (starting from December 2018).

Screens are grouped according to the style (Growth, Value, Quality, Momentum etc) they most closely resemble.

The screens are intended to be used in aggregate, rather than one at a time:

  • No style works in all market conditions, so it’s a good idea to use multiple approaches.
  • Each screen is quite tightly defined, so is unlikely to return enough stocks from which to construct a portfolio (ideally 30 or so).
Momentum screens
Defensive / Dividend screens
Growth / GARP
Quality / QARP
Low Volatility
Other screens

The monthly output pages

Pages will appear here from December 2018.