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  • Back during the Thatcher administration, I graduated with a Science degree in 1984. I’d been told that would lead to work, but there were no jobs, so I moved into Computers. (It was either that or Accounting).
  • A couple of years later, I moved to London to work in a Software house writing trading systems for brokers. My first day in London was Big Bang day.
  • This was the time when all the foreign banks were buying up the English stockbrokers, and I joined one of those banks to help with the integration, still on the technology side.
  • I wanted to move over to the Front Office, so I did an MBA in Finance hoping it would help.
  • It didn’t, so I joined a management consultancy.
  • I quickly discovered that consultancy is a racket (you can’t tell the client what they need to know, you have to tell them what will lead to more sales of consultancy services) so I went freelance.
  • I spent the next 15 years mostly working in a variety of banks (although I also spent four years at the BBC) on technology and reengineering  projects, eventually ending up managing a property portfolio for a big investment bank.
  • I got fed up with work and quit, but I didn’t like being at home, so I took one last job working for a charity.
  • I didn’t like that either, and I finally retired in 2011, around five years ago.

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