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  1. Avatar Stephen iles says:

    That was a very interesting post thankyou. You have to admire the set up. Charge people to attend. Throw bad news at them in the morning, feed and water them, let them stew a bit and then gently sell the solutions.

    I always end up with the question “if X is so good at trading and predicting the future, why are they wasting time publishing books, selling courses, taking paid speaking jobs ? ” IF I was that good I would make my first billion pounds from trading and then do everything for free. We laugh at gullible dieters that follow the latest fads and “snakeoil” salesmen and seem blind to it in the financial world.

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      Thanks Stephen. I actually enjoyed the show, but the structure did gradually dawn on me.

      I’ve never understood the trading courses either. I think the idea that there are “secrets” is daft. You can learn the basic rules from a book and then it’s down to your attitude.

  2. Avatar Bryan Matthew says:

    Having just read this posting, I agree it is very interesting but share Stephen’s views on these events – crystallised by Siam’s predictions of Oil hitting $100 a barrel and where Silver has gone since the presentation (pretty much flat – a problem if you have 97% of your portfolio invested in the stuff!

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Reasons to be Fearful – Elite Investor Club

by Mike Rawson time to read: 15 min
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