SmallCap (AIM) Portfolio

This is the 7 Circles home page for the SmallCap (AIM) portfolio.

Here you will find links to all of the articles about the SmallCap portfolio, plus a live portfolio tracking spreadsheet.

The SmallCap (AIM) Portfolio

The SmallCap Growth Portfolio began as a £15K ISA in March 2015. The idea was to buy fifteen companies in £1K lots. It is a real cash portfolio, not a paper one.

Since then £15K of 2015/16 ISA cash has been added, with a further £28K of cash from the transfer of a Cash ISA waiting beyond that.

During 2016, the same underlying ISA account will be used for this portfolio and the Piggyback portfolio, so the size of the SmallCap Growth (AIM) Portfolio will be uncertain for a while.

  • Somewhere between £4oK and £60K is the expected value for end-2016

The rules for selecting a company are:

  • listed on AIM (not originally a requirement, but added later)
  • market cap between £50M and $500M
  • share price greater than 50p
  • PE less than 25, and ideally less than 16
  • dividends are not required, but profits are

These are not hard rules, and so may be over-ridden now and again.

The portfolio operates with a 20% trailing stop-loss (virtual, not actual) on each holding.

Live Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet
Live Watchlist Sheet

Here are all the articles about the SmallCap AIM portfolio, in reverse chronological order:

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For completeness, I have also included the early articles about the Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet, which was tested on the the SmallCap AIM portfolio:

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