Stan Weinstein’s Stage System 1 – Charts and Buying

Stan Weinstein's Stage System

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  1. Avatar Martin says:

    Hi Mike, great article as usual. I am only about 50% invested at the moment and am looking to model my investments very much around the asset allocation model you have previously outlined. This article makes me a bit nervous especially when we talk about all time highs, presidential cycle, go away in May etc. From previous articles you had mentioned the possibility of looking at more powerful TA products such as Sharescope. If we are working on the basis there that there is some good advice in Stan’s book what are your thoughts on using such software to validate the timing of purchases be they ETFs, ITs or individual stocks?

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      I’m still too much of a cheapskate to pay for ShareScope. Stan’s system looks pretty simple so far, and since it just uses price and volume data, I’m hoping to build a spreadsheet that can analyse a stock according to its principles using free data.

      Once I have that working for a single stock, the challenge will be to build it out so that it can search a (limited) universe of stocks for opportunities. I think we are a few months away from that yet.

  2. Avatar Bulent Tinik says:

    Thanks for the article. Always something to learn and nicely put together.

    The book reviewed is very comparable to the book by Mark Minervini, 2013, which is mainly on US stocks and covers quite a bit of timescale, 80s to 2013. Emphasis is on the accelerated earnings and getting that Stage 2 timing right.

  3. Avatar Tim says:

    Very informative articles. Thanks for posting this. There is an interesting website dedicated to Stage Analysis with some great resources :

  4. Avatar Nnamdi Ifediora says:

    Very informative thanks

  5. Avatar gavin says:

    I’m in the middle of reading this book now, it’s great. Although does require re-reading in places to make sure things stick. How’s the spreadsheet build coming along?

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      Hi Gavin,

      I signed up to Stockopedia to support building an AIM IHT portfolio, which took up most of my summer. So I will probably start by trying to build a Weinstein screen in there. They have a Minervini screen that a can use as an example.

      I’ll try to get going in the next few weeks – thanks for the reminder. Stick with the articles – I’ve completed the book and the one-page summary will be out in a couple of weeks.


  6. Avatar B says:

    Hi thanks for this post. Is there anything or a famous book on the best order entries for a retail trader ?

  7. Avatar avigdor avni says:

    years ago i bought the book of stan weinstein and liked his system. but i lost connection. i would like to reconnect if there is a way. thank you . avigdor

  8. Avatar Brent Whitmore says:

    I learned about Stan Weinstein from several of his interviews on the podcasts offered by, where Jim Puplava interviews him. Because of these podcasts, I bought his book and am about finished.

    The book is a little dated, in that it talks about stock moved only up to 1987, and uses charting services that may be defunct, but the most of the content is universal.

    Thank you for the outlined principles. From now on, I’m putting all stock trades thru this new filter and placing stop losses on all my trades!

  9. I have been following this system for years it works with your on discipline

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Stan Weinstein’s Stage System 1 – Charts and Buying

by Mike Rawson time to read: 6 min