Gold – Elements 27


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  1. Avatar Bryan Matthew says:

    Mike- a good article and I have always seen the two ‘G’s’ as most investors’ insurance against bad times – consistently over market corrections both Gold and Gilts (Government Bonds) have protected people- and are a good defensive play.

    I remember in the last big financial crisis in 08/09, Gold was up 25% (Gilts were +10% also) and proved a good counterbalance- especially when higher risk areas like small companies suffered with the average fund down 40%+

    Even today where there has been a very modest (1.5% or so) fall in the equity markets, the two Gs prove their worth (Gold ETFs are up 1.3% and Gilts up 0.2%)- but as ever, Asset Allocation is the key!

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Gold – Elements 27

by Mike Rawson time to read: 7 min
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