Monthly Archive: October 2018

Who's Afraid of Bitcoin?

Who’s Afraid of Bitcoin?

Today’s post is about an event I attended last week – a seminar organised by the Spectator entitled Who’s Afraid of Bitcoin.


Budget 2018

Today’s post takes a look at the unusual level of speculation in advance of the Chancellor’s Budget 2018, and at what actually happened.

Suze Orman Hates FIRE

Suze Orman Hates FIRE

Today’s post is about last week’s revelation that Suze Orman hates FIRE, and the media and blogger community reaction to that.


Minervini – The Lessons

Today’s post is a summary of our six articles on Mark Minervini’s "Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard".

Meta screens

Meta Screens

Today’s post describes an attempt to use the built-in Guru Screens in Stockopedia to construct second-order meta screens.