Monthly Archive: August 2016

Financial Statements

Financial Statements – Elements 2

This post is part of the Elements series, a Periodic Table of all the Investing Elements that you need. Today’s post is about Financial Statements.

Company pension deficits

Company Pension Deficits – Part 2

Welcome to the second part in our series on company pension deficits. Today we’re going to look at things from the investor’s perspective. We’ll look at asset mixes and benchmarks, but let’s start with dividends.

Weekly Roundup, 23rd August 2016

Weekly Roundup, 23rd August 2016

We begin today’s Weekly Roundup in the FT, with the Chart That Tells A Story. This week it was about Santander cutting the interest rate on its current account.

HL Portfolio

Starting a HL Portfolio

Today’s post is about starting a HL portfolio – a portfolio with Hargreaves Lansdown, one of the most popular platforms in the UK.

Richard Dennis

Richard Dennis – A Legend Retires

Today’s post is a profile of Guru investor Richard Dennis, who appears in Jack Schwager’s book Market Wizards. His chapter is called A Legend Retires.

Company Pension Defiicits

Company Pension Deficits – The Problem

Today’s post is about company pension deficits, which have been in the news a lot over recent weeks, following the collapse of the Tata (British) Steel and BHS schemes along with their parent companies.