January 2017 – Trades, Tips and Funds

January 2017

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  1. Avatar Stuart says:

    Mike, excellent coverage as always. If you want exposure to just the Russell 2000 Index itself (rather than the companies within it) this can be achieved using a CMC Spreadbetting account. The ‘pet trend’ has been evident for a while and the Standard Life Smaller Companies fund mentioned invests in the pet companies mentioned (Pets at Home, CVS and Dechra). For what it’s worth John Barron does tend to tweak his IT portfolios from time to time. He spoke on a Share Radio programme this last week (W/S 29/1/2017) and mentioned that he recently invested in Henderson Opportunities Trust IT (HOT) as it is trading at a discount to the NAV and there may be move back to value investing this year.

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January 2017 – Trades, Tips and Funds

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