The £1M Portfolio and The 7 Circles 100

7 Circles 100

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  1. Avatar Sam says:

    One problem I have with ETF’s is that typically brokers charge a lot more to invest in them.

    Would love to know if you’ve found a cheap broker for monthly ETF investing.


    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      Hi Sam,

      When you say “more” I you mean presume in comparison to OEICs. I don’t buy OEICs. The platforms make their money on OEICs through the platform charge, which works out more expensive over time.

      I don’t do monthly investing, either. I wait until I have enough cash to buy whatever my deal size is at the time, then place an order.

      iWeb is £5 a deal so dealing charges are not really a big issue. De Giro is less than £2 a deal, but they are regulated in the Netherlands.


    • Avatar Bryan Matthew says:

      Sam -Both Fidelity and Hargreaves Lansdowne offer competitive charges for monthly ETF investing – they charge £1.50 a month and if you hold them outside of their ISAs there is no charge to hold them- so cheaper than holding OEICs or Unit Trusts in that respect.

      You are right that dealing charges for ETFs apply and for lump sum investments Fidelity are around the cheapest with just a £1 dealing charge for say a £1,000 ETF investment -again, hold it in one of the above share accounts and there is no holding charge. Simples!

  2. Avatar Bill says:

    Nice article. My worry would be with such a large number of ETFs and ITs the cost of transferring brokers could be a lot. If say HL changed their platform charges to be uncapped on ETFs because we all swapped out of OEICs for example. Maybe some simpler portfolios based on the 100 for given desired asset allocation and portfolio size? If you had a master list on a sheet it might be possible to slice, dice and filter with pivot tables, maybe you do this already.

    I buy ETFs for £1.50 a trade with AJBell. What I did was set up a monthly investment trade to buy a set of ETFs I invest in regularly. But if I want to do a large deal to start or increase a position I adjust the trade sizes and ETFs I want online and add cash to the account just before the trade date. You just need to time it right with them because their regular investment date can move a few days.

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      After 30 years I’m already way past that point. It’s a constant struggle to move away from platforms that once were cheap to ones that are cheaper now. I don’t use regular investing (I’m already in decumulation) so the AJ Bell deal doesn’t help me.

      The problem with using just a few trusts is that as your portfolio grows, you end up with enormous positions. That’s a bit risky with ETFs but a lot risky with ITs and individual stocks. I work from position size, not number of positions.

      I don’t ever expect to hold fewer than 100 positions. I have more than that in the 4 main portfolios that I report on here on this blog.

      There are other lists of funds on the site (see links at the bottom of the page). The ETF master list has three sizes of portfolio and the IT master list has several hundred funds to choose from. Everyone has different priorities so there is no “one-size-fits-all”.

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The £1M Portfolio and The 7 Circles 100

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