23 Things About Capitalism – Conclusions

23 Things About Capitalism

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  1. Avatar Abraham says:

    hi Mike, i fell into this page and found it very interesting though i expect to rearead the previous posts and this one after that.

    there is one point which i would like to comment. on inequality.

    what that means exactly to each one of us is probably very different. a son sometimes senses inequality (with or without real motives) when it comes to its brothers ( i.e., Joseph sell out ). and there are natural differences ( age, culture, talent, deficiencies,etc) that generate asymmetries almost naturally. and there are personal/circumstantial initiatives, like personal effort and even luck, that generate asymmetries. and there are asymmetries generated by third parties with power to do that, parents, governments/armies, companies, etc

    that said, which are the ones that are the concern when we claim for egalite ?
    i don’t see people protest when an artist or football player makes millions for his work ? some people admire them more because of this fact. so where is here the inequality factor ?

    what i see as a justification for equality is opportunity when third parties act against what we see are our interest, and not of the result itself.

    very easy to be against inequality and eventual lack of free will and liberty. but we need to understand about what we are really claiming.

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23 Things About Capitalism – Conclusions

by Mike Rawson time to read: 7 min
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