Five Years of Stockopedia StockRanks

Stockopedia Stockranks

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  1. Matthew says:

    Thanks for the article, I’m keep to start factor investing. I’m trying to work out whether I have a large enough portfolio to start buying individual stocks for factor investing. If you need a minimum of 20 stocks, what would you say the minimum holding in each stock should be to make the purchase fees worth it? I’m thinking trading costs less than 1% of each holding? Othwise I will have to do it via an ishares etf.

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      Hi Matthew,

      This is one of those things that you have to decide for yourself. If you want to stick to 1% and your trading commission is £5 (iWeb) then you could go as low as £500. Add in the stamp duty and you are up to £1,000. Add in the round trip (sale as well as buy) and you are up to £2K.

      So for a 20-stock portfolio, you would need £40K.

      I normally start a new style of portfolio with £100K these days (£5K per stock), but I’ve previously started with as little as just one year’s ISA contribs (£15K then, £20K now). Let me know what you decide.


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Five Years of Stockopedia StockRanks

by Mike Rawson time to read: 5 min
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