Lasting Power of Attorney – Coping with Dementia

Lasting Power of Attorney

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  1. Avatar Erith says:

    Mike – Thank you. This is an excellent article. I can only stress how valuable such the Power of Attorney is.

    To give a specific example, – We live in Scotland. In February 2014 my mother did her PoA through a lawyer. It cost her £250 + VAT, and a further £70 for registration. Total £370. Money well spent. It meant that just a few months later, my mother could easily hand over her banking affairs to my husband as her sight had failed. (Her brain hadn’t) . Later when she ended up in hospital, the PoA took away any issues about my husband and I being involved in decisions about her care.

    We both re-did our wills and PoA’s at the same time. Our total was £1,100 inc vat.

    We also have several people named on the PoA, so we do not fall into the same position as a friend whose brother was the sole person named on the mother’s PoA and he died before her, which left a total mess, when she was already grieving for a brother and trying to look after her mother who was in a nursing home with dementia.

    A PoA also ensures that your wishes will be carried out, if you are not able to do it yourself. e.g. I am very clear – I do not want resuscitation. My family are all well aware of this.

    While costs will have gone up in the last 3 years, a solicitor will provide a quote for a PoA, so it is worth asking for one. It will cost a bit more than the Which document, but they will deal with the registration on your behalf.

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Lasting Power of Attorney – Coping with Dementia

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