Naked Trader 1 – Getting Started

Naked Trader

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  1. Avatar Stuart says:

    Mike, an excellent summary on what you have read so far. The Naked Trader book was the first investment book I read having bought and sold shares for some 20 years previously. It is an excellent introduction to investing (or trading as he calls it) for an absolute beginner. For me the best thing about the book is the criteria he uses to identify a good company. (In forthcoming chapters of the book). As my experience has increased I have discovered that although ADVFN is an excellent source for share price information care should be taken on the company accounting figures and ratios provided by ADVFN. Always check the figures against the Company reports. I look forward to your next blog about this book.

  2. Avatar Martin says:

    Hi Mike, I often have investment conversations with people and refer them to your blog but sense that there is almost universal denial about the subject. I think we are in a period of great transition as DB pensions dissolve into history with two possible outcomes that will drive change. Either a generation will grow old in complete poverty which will in turn motivate the following generation or a brave Government will rachet up mandatory contributions.

    On the subject of the Naked Trader, I bought the book many years ago and fell into the trap of trying to pick winners. Since investing in a mix of instruments (ETFs, ITs, Stocks etc) across a balanced asset allocation, along with seeking out the lowest fees, my fortunes have changed completely – Keep up the good work Mike – the7circles it is by far the best source of personal investment information I have found on the web!

  3. Avatar Wayne says:

    Hi Mike, I’ve started following your blog. Been investing for about 1yr in the Aim market, and have managed to get through my first year approximately 200% up. However going to focus my efforts this year on broadening my knowledge and my skill base. Just down the northern line from you in Balham too. Cheers

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Naked Trader 1 – Getting Started

by Mike Rawson time to read: 9 min