Dana Galante – Swimming against the tide

Dana Galante

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  1. Avatar Tim says:

    Interesting post Mike.

    I do not sell stocks short, looking for undervalued companies suit my nature much better, but I have done quite a lot of research on short selling.

    In the process I put together a number of tools that can help you find companies to sell short.

    Tools like the James Montier C-Score (cooking the books score) and a low Piotroski F-Score (identifies low quality fundamental companies) a lot more.

    I wrote about them here: http://www.quant-investing.com/blogs/general/2016/06/21/7-ratios-to-find-the-best-companies-to-sell-short

  2. Avatar dana says:

    kynikos associated(biggest short fund) have office in london.

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Dana Galante – Swimming against the tide

by Mike Rawson time to read: 4 min
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