Election A to Z — B is for Basic Income


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  1. Avatar Alison Whalley says:

    Hi Mike
    You have made some very useful observations here and though I am on the left of politics I am pleased to see a person who, I presume from your comments aligns himself to the right, taking on the idea of a basic income in a thoughtful manner. You refer to the Green Party BI proposing a certain amount and I guess you are talking about the £72.40 figure which was taken erroneously by journalists in January from the Citizens Income Trust proposals on their website. It was not the figure we had in mind, and this caused much confusion at the time. We have published an additional document about BI which is not part of our 2015 manifesto, but it shows we are very serious about this policy. We equally know BI will entail fundamental reform of the benefits and tax system, so having it as a longer term policy is sensible. What I am most pleased about is that discussion of BI has come out from academic circles into the political arena.

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Election A to Z — B is for Basic Income

by Mike Rawson time to read: 6 min
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