Rate of Return – Time is not Money

Rate of Return

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  1. Avatar jaberwok says:

    This was a nice analysis, thank you. It is a source of some surprise to me that UK online brokers as far as I can tell do not advertise that they offer or maybe don’t offer rate of return analyses on their client’s portfolios. Certainly I cannot find this for Hargreaves Lansdowne. Yet Vanguard in the USA does this routinely. It would take little computer time for the brokers to offer this and would be very helpful – at least to the clients! Would it be possible to rattle the cages of the brokers a bit and point out that some sorts of portfolio analysis would be very value added for their clients. Unless of course they don’t want their clients to see their true rates of return!

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Rate of Return – Time is not Money

by Mike Rawson time to read: 5 min
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