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Investing in ETFs

Today’s post is a follow-up to the recent article on the Meetup Experiment, and summarises the discussion around Investing in ETFs that was had at the first meeting of the group.


ETFs – Elements 5

This post is part of the Elements series, a Periodic Table of all the Investing Elements that you need. Today’s post is about ETFs.

Weekly Roundup, 18th August 2015

Weekly Roundup, 18th August 2015

Weekly Roundup for the Private Investor: fund platforms, charities, China’s devaluation, automation and jobs, Bitcoin fork, short-termism and stock markets.

Rate of Return

Rate of Return – Time is not Money

We take a look at Rate of Return: time- and money-weighted, what’s best for fund managers and private investors, and how to tell if you’re adding value.

Weekly Roundup 16th June 2015

Weekly Roundup, 16th June 2015

Weekly Roundup for the long-term UK Private Investor: lifestyling, bull market, China, executive pay, the next recession, CAPE critique, pensions & El Nino.