September 2017 – Trades, Tips and Funds

September 2017
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4 Responses

  1. Robert TUCKER says:

    G’day Mike,
    Thank you for another helpful article on Aim IHT Investments. I note that there are some additions/ deletions from your earlier endeavours to create a preferred list of AIM shares. Has the use of Stockopedia Sceening given you a different perspective? Does the screen enable you to give weight to Family Influenced companies – that was one positive criteria that you had previously chosen as a significant factor. I look forward to future articles. Perhaps your followers with a similar interest in AIM IHT could be persuaded to forward details of screening for BPR that they have undertaken. I will do so in a follow-up mail.

    Again, thank you for sterling work

    • Mike Rawson says:

      Thanks Robert.

      All will be revealed in episode 5, in terms of how I whittled 100+ stocks down to 50, but it’s mostly Stockopedia numbers and classifications.

      After that, the main changes were stocks that were duplicate listings (two share classes). There was also a stock that iWeb wouldn’t let me trade in at all, and another that was denominated in euros where the trade size calculator didn’t work properly. And a couple where the normal market size was too small and my limit orders weren’t hit.

      So my initial list of 50 probably had about 6 different stocks from the 50 that I bought. Let me know if you have noticed more changes than that.


      • Robert TUCKER says:

        G’day Mike,

        It is entirely possible that we are not singing from the same hymn sheet, but there are several shares not on your “Buy” list that appeared on the whittled down 50.

        Perhaps there were subsequent sifts and sorts that I hadn’t registered.

        Regards Robert

        • Mike Rawson says:

          Hi Robert,

          The next AIM IHT post is due on Oct 18th, and covers the process of whittling 150+ stocks down to 50.

          After that, number six in the series will look at switches I’ve had to make, and the lists of extra AIM IHT stocks provided by people like yourself. I’ve edited the list of stocks you provided out of your comment pending that article.



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September 2017 – Trades, Tips and Funds

by Mike Rawson time to read: 4 min