A Piggy Bank For Healthcare – IEA on the NHS

A Piggy Bank For Healthcare

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  1. Avatar Pete Armstrong says:

    A couple of basic points would need to be agreed –
    1) define the NHS – hospitals/dentists/GPs/opticians/care etc what is in or out
    2) merge NI and income tax – these 2 sources leave options to funding fudges

    Likely with UK demographics (more older/less younger), increased costs of diagnosis tools (scanners etc), increased costs of drugs that additional funding will be required.

    My guess is that some NHS-related treatments should be charged – start early and start small amounts but would need to see the breakdown of NHS appointments to see if viable suggestion.

    Cannot see how a smaller workforce can pay taxes for all especially with automation on the horizon.

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A Piggy Bank For Healthcare – IEA on the NHS

by Mike Rawson time to read: 7 min
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