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The Autodidact

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  1. Avatar Guy Thomas says:

    Hello Mike,
    In reply to your final question, doesn’t your most recent previous review suggest that Sushil would answer “yes”?. (And Peter Gyllehammar, and Owen.) But your reaction: “to say I am surprised [at Sushil’s 100% smallcap strategy] would be a massive understatement” did make me think. Looking at it from the outside, I can see your point.

    I really like this series of articles. The book was written to be read carefully, so it is great to see someone reading it carefully. The general response to the book has been kind, but it is a bit disconcerting for a careful writer that most feedback is along the lines of “Liked your book, I read it last night!”

    Best wishes

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      Hi Guy,

      It’s great to have your positive feedback. I’m really enjoying working through your book in detail (though at this rate it will take another two or three years to complete).

      I try to look at each of the chapters (and also the other books I cover) from the perspective of a UK Private Investor operating today.

      The subjects have normally been selected for an interview because of their success, so it’s less a question of whether their strategy worked for them, and more whether I could recommend their approach.

      I’m sure that you are right that Sushil, Peter and Owen (and possibly some others) would answer yes. But for us mere mortals, the risks of a very concentrated portfolio outweigh the benefits.


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Taylor – The Autodidact – Free Capital

by Mike Rawson time to read: 3 min
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