IHT AIM update 6 – October 2017

AIM IHT Portfolio

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8 Responses

  1. Mike,
    Enjoying yr follow ups on AIM IHT portfolio.
    I have a question about the property aspect of a company’s portfolio and how this might influence the HMRC when it came to judgement day
    eg. Young and Co’s Brewery (YNGA)
    I like the business and the long term viability of the share but have always held back on buying them because they have so many properties,which I think are all owned?
    I would welcome your views on this as it has put me off of investing in other companies such as Watkinn Jones.
    Kind regards

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      I share your concerns about property in general, though I would argue that Youngs are trading from premises rather than trading in premises.

      The crucial point for me is that they appear on my “Gold List” of stocks which have appeared in AIM IHT portfolios operated by the professionals. So if the pros think they qualify for BPR, then that’s good enough for me.

  2. Mike,
    Many thanks for yr response

  3. Mike- I would welcome yr understanding on the following:
    If I invest £1000 in an IHT share and 2 years later its value is £3000 and I wish to sell all
    1…Do I have to re-invest the full £3000 in another share? or
    2…Can I, for instance, reinvest the whole £3000 in 3 different IHT shares at say £1000 each?

    Bloody pain about Accrol– I have sold out at a heavy loss
    Feel some skullduggery and misrepresentation by the management–hope financial authorities investigate this!

    Kind regards

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      Hi Barry,

      My understanding is that you can move proceeds into any number of new qualifying assets. You can even leave it in cash for quite a while, too. Note that this is all theory from me at this stage, so DYOR.

      Re: Accrol – c’est la vie. Three of the fifty stocks in the portfolio have now blown up in the first 10 weeks. At that rate, 30 will have hit trouble by the time we reach the end of the qualifying period!

      Good luck,


  4. Mike you have confirmed my own views so tku
    The time you can leave in cash is 3 years I believe
    Sorry that you have 3 blown up so far—It can only get better from here.

  5. Avatar Robert TUCKER says:

    G’day Mike,

    Another interesting article on AIM IHT for which thank you,

    On the matter of the Gold list, I had intended to invest in both First Derivatives and Loknstore but when I checked them on the Investors Champion facility it declared that First Derivative was not qualified and that Locknstore was only part qualified. If you have confidence in other sources of information relating to these companies it would be helpful to know. My only source is the Investors champion and publications from IHT professionals. It is a rather critical area of decision making when looking to limit IHT liabilities. I don’t wish to invest significant amounts of money in the riskier end of the market without strong confidence in the tax advantage.

    Best regards

    Robert Tucker

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      Hi Robert,

      First Derivatives comes from Octopus and Lok’n’Store from Midas.

      As always, you need to DYOR and make a personal decision. I don’t have either of those stocks in my IHT portfolio at the moment.


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IHT AIM update 6 – October 2017

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