Taylor Report on Work

Taylor Report on Work

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  1. Avatar Bryan Matthew says:

    The report Mike, also left me cold in that Taylor is unrealistic that you can phase out cash payment – a large part of the black economy gets paid like this and the last thing people in that situation (escorts and people moonlighting) want is an electronic record of what they have been paid (!)- so cash will always survive..

    Companies likes zero hours contracts because it means that they never have to make staff redundant- if people are on zero hours they only get paid when there is work for them. If there is no work, they just leave them there until there is. If these people were employed, the company would end up paying for people they do not need and they would make them redundant -so zero hours work is manna from heaven for them.

    The Government’s recent changes to IR 35 (tax for the self employed) alters things a lot -this now applies to the public sector and around 90% of small contractors have stopped working for the Government as this new legislation means that they get taxed on the payroll rather than as being self employed almost as if they are employees but have no employee rights (no sick or annual leave and of course no pension entitlement). The Treasury thought that self employed people called themselves that to avoid paying tax so they now tax them at source-all worrying stuff!

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Taylor Report on Work

by Mike Rawson time to read: 6 min
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