Trading Costs / Dealing Costs

Dealing costs
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2 Responses

  1. Julian Shute says:

    Have you considered Fidelity? Although they charge 0.35% platform fee on funds in their ISA and SIPPs, I see that for ETFs and ITs they charge £3 per month or just £36 a year. No platform fee. Fidelity also doesn’t have a whole wad of back end charges when drawing down or transferring out like HL does. Nice toll free phone number and customer service appears to be as good as HL. I’ve opened a small SIPP with them and try it out before transferring my main pensions. Seems a little too good to be true as of course they might hike up the fees once fully invested 🙂

    • Mike Rawson says:

      I actually have more money with Fidelity at the moment than with anyone else.

      When they announced the ETF fee it sounded like it was on top of the service charge. But I can see now that they have clarified this on their website.

      That’s potentially very good news for me, so thanks. I guess the next step is to look at the range of ETFs and ITs that they support.

      Then I’ll have to update this article to add Fidelity for ETFs and ITs only.

      Can you point me at the HL drawdown charges? I thought YouInvest was the major culprit in that area, and Fidelity and HL were cleaner.

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Trading Costs / Dealing Costs

by Mike Rawson time to read: 5 min