Stake and Robinhood

Stake and Robinhood

Today’s post is about low-cost stockbrokers Stake and Robinhood – can they dislodge the UK’s incumbent, Freetrade?

Stake and Robinhood

Low-cost stockbrokers Stake and Robinhood are both now in beta-test here in the UK, with full launches planned in a few months.

  • Will they be able to dislodge Freetrade, which has been around for almost five years?

To find out, let’s start by reminding ourselves about what Freetrade offers.


Mike Rawson

Mike is the owner of 7 Circles, and a private investor living in London. He has been managing his own money for 35 years, with some success.

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  1. Avatar weenie says:

    Freetrade does support ISA transfers, but not for Junior ISAs or Lifetime ISAs.

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Stake and Robinhood

by Mike Rawson time to read: 3 min
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