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Winning Spread Betting Strategies

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  1. Avatar CHRISTOPHER says:

    I have had this book for some time but have been too occupied with other things to apply it. It takes a while to methodically check strategies. At the outset I am not impressed with the three versions of results from FTSE over 10 years where the source of the signals is not specified. Suppose you used the 20MA or EMA on the monthly chart, then you would get similar results over the period, and it looks impressive. Try applying the same method to the next nine years up until the present and there are problems. Pryor concludes this exercise with “Some cynics may say that it is always easy to pick entry and exit points with hindsight!” Too right. It is possible to time the markets but only with robust methods and his does not appear to be such. He has selected a period when the market comprised a series of extended trends. If we knew that markets from today will spend the next ten years in a similar series of trends it would be most helpful.
    I am always grumpy about profit calculations which exclude trading costs. It is not difficult, especially with spread betting to build in pretty accurate costs. Those who give advice on trading almost without exception emphasise the need for stops. My experience and that of traders I know is that they can be helpful when used judiciously but that particularly in spread betting can lose you money because of spikes, some of which occur without confirmation from other sources, i.e. they can be peculiar to the spread betting company. On the whole I use mental stops, only placing real ones in about a third of trades.
    There may be much of value in this book. I should like to see more reference to the things that can go wrong on the unknown hard right edge. I suppose it would be harder to sell books that did that.

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      For once, the post is up to date with where I’ve got with the book. I am currently planning to apply it to real trades, but realistically not until 2018.

      I’ve seen several people recommend his books, so I thought that I’d give it a go.

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