Lang Cat Platform Review 2017 – Are You Being Served?

Lang Cat Platform Review

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  1. Avatar Bryan Matthew says:

    I notice that Fidelity Personal Investing have now changed their fee structure so that instead of them being very cheap to buy ITs/ETFs with a 0.1% charge (with no minimum) that they are now going to levy a £10 fee per transaction and charge £1.50 to reinvest dividend income.

    They also don’t allow their ISA investors to pay their service fee of 0.35% by cash and have to sell units in their biggest holding -something that generally is not good sense for investors as that will mean that part of the income that they get to reinvest in further units will be used instead to pay their fee. Most platforms will only do that if there is insufficient cash in the ISA account-Fidelity give you no such choice now so they are likely to be less competitive than others….

  2. Avatar Paul Shears says:

    Appalling inaccurate feedback from the Interactive Investor “help” desk over several months!
    I have been repeatedly been informed both on the phone and every 3 months that the £80 admin fee on my ISAs was being taken from my account associated debit card and then having this confirmed after the event.
    However, the “help” desk have just actually discovered that they have been misinforming me and the £80 admin fee has, in fact, been taken from the ISA investment itself.
    Obviously, if you want to maximise your investment in the ISA, this is the last thing you want.
    The “help” desk have also now finally informed me that they can only take the £80 ISA admin fee from the associated debit card when the total investment in the ISA is less than the £80 investment charge!
    Only if the debit card will then not cover the £80 admin charge will they draw this to my attention.
    Do these process following idiots have the slightest conscious awareness of what they are doing all day, every day?

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Lang Cat Platform Review 2017 – Are You Being Served?

by Mike Rawson time to read: 7 min
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