Blackrock Pulse 2017 – Survey of UK investors

Blackrock Pulse 2017

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Bryan Matthew says:

    Mike- the results are interesting but sadly not surprising. There is a general lack of education, knowledge and most of all, confidence about investment -and I suspect many have had their fingers burnt when they have got involved in it previously. A large number are generally ignorant of what can be achieved by moving out of cash.

    My first involvment in investment was in being persuaded to take out an Endowment Mortgage that was backed by a ‘low cost’ savings plan that had to achieve a 10% per annum return just to pay off the loan it was covering and despite being told that my plan was not only low cost but ‘low risk’, suprise surprise, it led to a 40% shortfall in paying off my mortgage.

    I can understand after this kind of experience whether it was private pensions, endowment mortgages et al that the majority of joe and jane public stick with things that they understand and trust -which is sad.

    As it happened, the loss I incurred on my mortgage tempted me to understand more about how investments and assets work and has led to my own investment success-so it is not all bad!

  2. Avatar weenie says:

    Sadly, it’s not just lack of education or knowledge – some people just aren’t interested in their finances. My ex-boss, a highly intelligent professional revealed that he didn’t have an ISA because he thought they were ‘too complicated’! And my friend (in her mid-40s) opted out of her company pension and has no pension whatsoever. Yes, her mortgage will be paid off in a few years time but I’m sure she will realise that she can’t live on the state pension so is likely to be working into her old age…

  3. Avatar Bryan Matthew says:

    I get that – we do need schools/educators to educate children and adults on some basic issues of Personal Finance-and for them to realise that like any other subject or specialism, you do not need any special powers to invest well- you just need to learn its language, understand how it works and put some ideas into practice…

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Blackrock Pulse 2017 – Survey of UK investors

by Mike Rawson time to read: 3 min
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