New Robo Advisers – MoneyBox, MoneyFarm and PensionBee

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  1. Hi Mike,
    I understand your comment about the level of detail we give about our plans at PensionBee.
    We’re currently implementing an updated plans page that explain the plans in more details before signing up. That should be live very soon and I hope you’ll like it.


  2. Hi Mike,
    The current plans page can be found here: Next week we’re releasing an A/B test to test a new variant on that page. Based on the results, we should be rolling out a new plans page by the end of this month/early November. I can send you a screenshot of the new design by email.

    On the charges, the 0.5 for Tracker / 0.6 for Match and 0.7 for Tailored are all-in fees. There are no underlying fund fees, trading charges or contribution/cancellation fees.
    We started PensionBee to make it simple to get on top of your pension situation. The last thing you want is a complicated fee structure!

    Let me know if you want to see the screenshot of the new plans page or a look into the BeeHive with a demo account.


  3. Avatar Wayne says:

    I used pensionbee to consolidate a number of pensions. I found the whole process to be quick(ish) and simple. The new performance tracker gives me a good picture of how my pension fund is performing and an idea of what to expect when I do eventually retire.

    Now that my pension is in one place, I have true visibility of its value. It’s also cheaper for me in terms of fees! All in all I have had excellent service from PensionBee and would have no concerns in recommending them.

    Would love to hear more about robo advisers in the future.

  4. Avatar Freddie Engel says:

    I have consolidated 5 pensions with Pensionbee and the experience has been flawless from their perspective, however I cannot say the same for a number of my existing/previous providers who have made the migration process excruciating in some circumstances.
    The level of communication and information provided by Pensionbee throughout has been excellent and although with a pension pot of circa 250k I could probably find a slightly more competitive rate, compared with what I was spending including multiple eye watering fees I am to date exceedingly happy with the service and transparancy/clarity of my investment, long may it continue in this vein and i will retire content and well informed. Thanks

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New Robo Advisers – MoneyBox, MoneyFarm and PensionBee

by Mike Rawson time to read: 5 min
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