Weekly Roundup, 16th May 2017

Weekly Roundup, 16th May 2017

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks as always for sharing, couple of things that stand out to me (ignoring tax changes of course!)

    1. What is Rich. Such an emotive subject! £1M in assets would generate between £30k and £40k a year – I personally wouldn’t call that rich, even with a paid off mortgage, however I know some who are only earning £25k per year would see it that way. I won’t declare my number 😉

    2. ISA Charges. Thanks for sharing the simple graph, an interesting read. One thing I have found is it is such a difficult one given individual circumstances are so varied – with TD Direct with my mix of investments and trading levels I am paying less than 0.1% a year in fees, but I am enjoying seeing all the costs coming down over time


    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      I think £1M and a house / flat is comfortable, but not rich. People tend to focus on income, though.

      I’ve just done a comparison of platform costs as part of a post on Robo Advisors (in the wake of the Vanguard announcement this week). You can find it here: Vanguard and comparators

      It’s “easy” to keep your costs low if you are totally passive and never trade, but few people can do that for 50 years.

      • Hi Mike,
        I am with you – comfortable, very much so, but not rich.
        Yes, I haven’t had a chance to read through the comparisons yet, its on my weekend reading list, but I know I can keep my fees very low as I try not to trade too often, even in my actively managed portfolio.
        I find the biggest challenge is around the %age charges that get applied

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Weekly Roundup, 16th May 2017

by Mike Rawson time to read: 8 min
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