Weekly Roundup, 5th July 2016

Weekly Roundup, 5th July 2016

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  1. “people today live in a communications bubble, receiving only confirmatory messages from a homogeneous peer group” – and annoyingly from search engines too (Google mostly). If you’re logged in then results are skewed to what they think you’ll mostly likely want to see.

    Personally I much prefer to run across a large amount of stuff that I didn’t think I’d want to see, which is then often more interesting than what I wanted to see in the first place.

  2. Avatar Martin says:

    Hi Mike, what would really be useful post Brexit vote (regardless of how anyone voted) would be a review of your portfolios to establish what you would still buy and what you would avoid given the potential volatility we face in the coming year or two. I am trying to model my portfolio around your excellent article on Asset Allocation from a while back and whilst the diversification insulated me against losses post Brexit I am concerned about buying into Emerging Markets with the volatility of the Pound and Bonds seem increasingly risky. Within the AIM and Piggyback portfolios one could say these shares are much cheaper now but would the fundamental analysis you conducted still hold true if there is a hard Brexit option and business models have to change as a result? I have resisted selling any assets up to this point, but am not inclined to buy any further into the current market – what are your thoughts please?

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      Hi Martin,

      You’re right, but I’ve been waiting for the dust to settle (no post-Brexit trades as yet for me).

      I agree that investing abroad is hard with sterling down more than 10%, but those still accumulating for the long term will just have to bite the bullet. It’s not particularly risky (£ not likely to go back up in the short term) but it’s psychologically hard.

      I’ll probably look at the SmallCap next week – there have been some crazy moves outside the FTSE-100 and I’m expecting an interest rate cut next Thursday.

      UK-focused stocks will definitely suffer in the short-term, it’s just a question of trying to work out by how much, and whether the new prices are fair.

      I’m more likely to buy than sell at this stage, but we’ll see next week.

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Weekly Roundup, 5th July 2016

by Mike Rawson time to read: 4 min
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