Weekly Roundup, 10th October 2017

Weekly Roundup, 10th October 2017

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2 Responses

  1. Mike,
    I share your views and concerns about Accrol
    I bought them around about the same time as you did on the evidence and figures that were around at the time.
    Incidentally I love the work that you have been doing on AIM Inheritance and wish I had found your site 2 years ago before I started my own “adventure” in this area.
    I followed a similar process as you applied:
    1 Finding out where I could what funds the professionals were holding
    2 looking out fr newspaper tips
    3 Then trying to assess them as best I could
    I found an interesting site (wall st) which for an inexperienced person like myself appealed but I was too mean too subscribe in the end.

    Having gone though the finding process on a much lower level and scale that you have done, I greatly appreciate all your efforts and preparedness to share your hard earned
    research with all.
    Looking forward to your next post on AIM Inheritance
    I am slowly working my way through some of your other articles which are of interest to me and am amazed at your breadth and volume and knowledge displayed.
    Thank you once again for help with IHT is difficult to find without paying an arm and a leg for.

    Kind regards
    Barry Strange

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      Thanks for the kind words Barry.

      The next AIM IHT post is due on Oct 18th, and covers the process of whittling 150+ stocks down to 50.

      After that, number six in the series will look at switches I’ve had to make, and the lists of extra AIM IHT stocks provided by people like yourself. I’ve edited the list of stocks you provided out of your comment pending that article.



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Weekly Roundup, 10th October 2017

by Mike Rawson time to read: 6 min
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