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Weekly Roundup, 24th Match 2015

Weekly Roundup, 24th March 2015

Weekly Roundup for the UK Private Investor: budget, P2P, LTA, tax, stamp duty, investment trusts, negative bond yields, pension freedoms, shareholder value.


Budget 2015

We take a look at Osborne’s last Budget of this Parliament – pension lifetime allowance, ISAs, VCTs, incomes & savings tax, Help to Buy ISA and oil tax cuts.

Weekly Roundup, 18th March 2015

Weekly Roundup, 18th March 2015

Weekly Roundup for the UK Private Investor: savings inequality, tax-free pensions, the housing crisis, traded annuities, art, care costs and wages.

Piggyback Portfolio 8

Piggyback Portfolio 8 – Nifty Thrifty

Piggyback Portfolio – part 8 in a series where we screen public portfolios for stock ideas. We look at the Nifty Thrifty portfolio, and performance to date.

Stop Losses

Stop Losses

Do Stop Losses really work? We look at the evidence and come up with some rules for using them.

Black Swans

Social Trading and Black Swans

The perils of Social Trading, including survivorship bias and Black Swans – lessons from the FX meltdown after the removal of the Swiss Franc Euro peg.