Warren Buffett’s Annual Letters – 2017

Warren Buffets annual letters 2017

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Ms ZiYou says:

    Hi Mike…. Buffet is such an investing genius….and I love how he took on the Hedge Funds with a bet and won!

  2. Avatar Stock Street says:

    Thanks for sharing the summary! I hate to admit this, but I have yet to sit down and read the annual letter. I do know that these changes in GAAP are going to be even more misleading for a company like Berkshire. Changes like these can help those who understand how to look through a non-GAAP lens. But it is going to be very misleading when reading their financials as long as these rules stay in effect for Berkshire. Thanks for writing!

  3. Avatar Mike says:

    Is it a good idea for a UK citizen to hold Berkshire Harhaway ‘B’ shares.

    What are the pros and cons involved.

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      Hi Mike,

      It’s not really possible to answer that question for you since every investor’s situation is different. What do you hope to achieve with your portfolio, and how do you think that BRK.B would help?

      The key things in investing are to have plan, and to know how your investments will meet the needs of that plan. The most important principles are:

      1 – keep costs low
      2 – avoid unnecessary taxes, and
      3 – have a globally-diversified multi-asset portfolio

      After that, things get personal, and we’d need to know more about things like your current and target net worth, your time horizon and your risk tolerance.

      Passive investing works fine for most people, and with active investing, your edge is normally limited to your home country – though the US is probably the easiest foreign market to trade.

      Hope this helps,


      • Avatar Mike says:

        I’m thinking of putting the maximum amount into shares ISAs before I retire in twelve years time.

        I thought BH ‘B’ shares would give me a diverse investment.

        • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

          Hi Mike,

          BRK.B shares do offer some diversification, if we assume that your other shares ISAs are invested in UK stocks.

          But diversification is easy and cheap to achieve through UK-listed ETFs and investment trusts, and you might want to investigate these before looking at overseas stocks.


  4. Avatar Mike says:

    Please can you give me some suggestions for ETFs and Investment Trusts both UK and/or overseas that I can consider.

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Warren Buffett’s Annual Letters – 2017

by Mike Rawson time to read: 5 min
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