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Weekly Roundup, 10th Matrch 2015

Weekly Roundup, 10th March 2015

Weekly Roundup for the UK Private Investor: tax avoidance, VCTs, pensions, P2P, crowdfunding, farmland, trading rules, Apple and property taxes

Tax Avoidance

Tax Avoidance

Today’s post is about Tax avoidance. In the news Tax avoidance scandals have been in the news a lot recently, but that isn’t why I decided to write about the…

The Banker and the Fisherman

The Banker and the Fisherman

Today’s post is about the parable of the banker and the fisherman. The banker and the fisherman I’m sure many of you will have come across this story before. This is…

Weekly Roundup 4th March 2015

Weekly Roundup, 4th March 2015

We begin today’s weekly roundup as usual in the FT. FTSE-100 all-time high In fact, we begin where we left off last week, with the FTSE-100 hitting record highs. Judith…

Piggyback Portfolio 7

Piggyback Portfolio 7 – Share Sleuth

You’re trying to reach a page that is behind our paywall. You can sign up to read it by pressing the Patreon button below – thanks. Patreon is a membership…

Are Pensions Finished banner

Are Pensions Finished?

Today’s post is about a paper from Michael Johnston of the Centre for Policy Studies. The paper calls for additional protections for savers in the light of the upcoming pension…

London Forex Show

London Forex Show – 20th February 2015 (2)

Today’s post is the second part of my review of the presentations in the main conference room at last week’s London Forex show at Olympia. The presentations In the previous post…

Weekly Roundup, 26th February 2015

Weekly Roundup, 26th February 2015

We begin this week’s roundup in the FT, with John Authers. Active fund management John’s column was about the misleading marketing used by active fund managers, and the shortcomings of…

Pensions Commission

Pensions Commission – Consensus Revisited

Today’s post looks at a report issued this week which calls for a Pension Commission to be established. The Report The report, written by Ben Franklin,  comes from the International…

Income and taxes

Income and taxes

This is the third post in our series on basic personal finances, and looks and income and taxes. So far we’ve talked about life stages, and how to plan for the…