Author: Mike Rawson

Weekly Roundup, 5th September 2017

Weekly Roundup, 5th September 2017

We begin today’s Weekly Roundup in the FT, where Merryn Somerset Webb was talking about dividends and diversification.

August 2017

August 2017 – Trades, Tips and Funds

Today’s post is another in the series of monthly roundups of the interesting investing tips I’ve come across, plus a summary of any trades that I make. Welcome to August 2017.

Stockopedia for AIM

Stockopedia for AIM (and IHT)

Today’s post is about using the the Stockopedia service to find AIM stocks for an IHT portfolio – it’s Stockopedia for AIM.

VCTs and EISs

VCTs and EIS for 2017-18

Today’s post is about finding VCTs and EISs to invest in before the mad scramble at the end of the tax year.