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Weekly Roundup,26th January 2015

Weekly Roundup, 26th January 2015

We begin our Weekly Roundup as usual in the FT, with Jonathan Eley. Don’t buy IPOs This week’s “chart that tells a story” really does what it says on the...

Weekly Roundup,20th January 2015

Weekly Roundup, 20th January 2015

As usual, we begin our weekly roundup in the FT. FX Turbulence Paul Murphy and Judith Evans1 both wrote about the fallout from the sudden removal of the three-year-old Swiss...

Weekly Roundup, 13th January 2015

Weekly Roundup, 13th January 2015

We begin the weekly roundup with the FT round table. FT Round Table – themes for 2015 The FT got a panel of pundits together to discuss 2015. As well...

Weekly Roundup, 6th January 2015

Weekly Roundup, 6th January 2015

We begin our weekly roundup as usual in the FT. P2P developments Judith Evans reported that Zopa plan to target the retirement market with an annuity replacement product based on...

10 things that happened in 2014

10 things that happened in 2014

I had planned to write about five nice things and five nasty ones, but it hasn’t been that kind of year. Instead I have chosen three nice things and seven...

Weekly roundup

Weekly Roundup, 10th December 2014

We begin today’s weekly roundup with a chart from the FT. Hidden fund costs The charges on active funds seem to be in the news every week at the moment....

autumn statement

Autumn Statement 2014

Here’s my reaction to yesterday’s Autumn Statement by the Chancellor, and its impacts on 7C investors. Trapped in my mansion I’m a fan of Osborne and his handling of the...

Weekly roundup for UK DIY investor

Weekly Roundup, 2nd December 2014

Closet trackers part 2 Today’s weekly roundup begins as do so many with Merryn’s column in the FT, where she followed up on last week’s piece about active funds, and...

Weekly roundup for UK DIY investor

Weekly Roundup, 24th November 2014

Active funds – costs and closet tracking Today’s weekly roundup begins with Merryn’s column, which looked at a report from Cass Business School on some of the problems with active funds. The first...



SIPPs vs ISAs: why you need both, and which one is most useful to the long-term DIY investor in the UK.


UK Private Investor Weekly, 3rd Nov 2014

Weekly roundup for the long-term UK Private investor: active fund fees, paid advice, banks, traded life policies, German property, alternative assets.