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Eventually this will build into a fine collection of the best calculators on the web. Eventually.

I’ve tried to keep the list in each category quite short, and I have focused on UK calculators. I have excluded calculators which 7C investors should not need (for example, annuity calculators). If you can’t find what you are looking for, Monevator and the FT have longer and more inclusive lists.

ISA tax benefits calculator

Stock Prices
  1. Google Finance UK
  2. Yahoo Finance UK (not as friendly as it used to be)
  3. Historic Shiller CAPE® Ratio by country – Barclays
Heat maps
  1. FTSE All Share – Hargreaves Lansdown
  2. Indices and Sectors – London Stock Exchange
Stock screeners
  1. Google Finance UK
  2. FT
  3. Hargreaves Lansdown
Stock data (fundamentals etc.)
  1. FT
  2. List of AIM Stocks – AIM
  3. Short Interest Tracker from Castellain Capital
UK Dividends
  1. Dividend Data – Ex-Dividend Dates, Dividend Payment Dates and Dividend Yields
  1. StockCharts
Fund & ETF screeners
  1. FT (both)
  2. Morningstar (Funds)
  3. Morningstar (ETFs)
  4. Morningstar (Investment Trusts)
  5. FT fund comparison tool
Portfolio Tools
  1. Google Finance UK
  2. Yahoo Finance UK
  3. FT
Broker costs
  1. Compare Fund Platforms
Compound interest
  1. Monevator
Investment Risk Tolerance
  1. The 7 Circles Risk Tolerance questionnaire
  2. Money Guidance test
Asset Allocation Tools
  1. justETF Strategy Builder (free account required)
  2. Asset Allocation by Risk Tolerance at Monevator (from Which? Money)
Life expectancy
  1. ONS
Drawdown calculator
  1. Hargreaves Lansdown
Decumulation calculators (Monte Carlo)
  1. Vanguard Monte Carlo Nest Egg Calculator
  2. Firecalc
  3. CFireSIM
Mortgage Affordability
  1. Can I Afford to Buy?
Stamp Duty
  1. HMRC
  2. Money Saving Expert
  3. The Telegraph
  • If any of the calculators seems to produce incorrect results, please let me know.
  • If you find a calculator that you think belongs here, please let me know.
  • As with the rest of the site, these links are provided for education only. Please carry out your own research before making any investments.

2 Responses

  1. jj says:

    On Screens and Portfolio services I would highly recommend the
    free services available from Digital Look. The screens offer wealth of choices while the portfolio can handle dividends and splits plus provides lot of other analysis.

    Would also recommend Stockopedia as a paid for service.

    • Mike Rawson Mike Rawson says:

      Thanks for the suggestions. I used Digital Look the last time I was actively trading. I’ll take another look over Xmas.

      I saw the Stockopedia pitch at a show in November and liked it, but I haven’t signed up for the free trial yet. A job for 2015.

      I plan to set up a separate page for useful subscription services, when I can find the time to review a few of them.

      Thanks again,


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