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Weekly Roundup,20th January 2015

Weekly Roundup, 20th January 2015

As usual, we begin our weekly roundup in the FT. ContentsFX TurbulenceDeflationBuy-to-let: pensions and the housing crisisGrexitBeware heavily-traded stocksSweden’s AP7 fund FX Turbulence Paul Murphy and Judith Evans ((along with…

Annuities rate of return

Annuities again – rate of return

You’re trying to reach a page that is behind our paywall. You can sign up to read it by pressing the Patreon button below – thanks. Patreon is a membership…

Weekly Roundup, 13th January 2015

Weekly Roundup, 13th January 2015

We begin the weekly roundup with the FT round table. ContentsFT Round Table – themes for 2015Retail bonds and the search for incomeStudent property fund liquidationTax treatment of buy-to-letEnd of…

Social Trading - an experiment

Social Trading – an experiment

I’m not an active trader at the moment, and haven’t been for a few years. One of my resolutions for 2015 is to get back into it, but I’m going…

Weekly Roundup, 6th January 2015

Weekly Roundup, 6th January 2015

We begin our weekly roundup as usual in the FT. ContentsP2P developmentsKeep it simplePension changesHouse price indicesMore forecasts for 2015Rent controls P2P developments Judith Evans reported that Zopa plan to…

Fifteen things in 2015

Fifteen things that could happen in 2015

The outlook for 2015 for the UK DIY investor: US, China, Japan, rate rises, deflation, oil, bonds, Grexit, UK election, UK taxes, UK housing, P2P

10 things that happened in 2014

10 things that happened in 2014

I had planned to write about five nice things and five nasty ones, but it hasn’t been that kind of year. Instead I have chosen three nice things and seven…